Singler’s Super Fans: Spain

Si quereis estar en mi próximo Photo blog de fans, solo teneis que hacer un post en mi Facebook o una @mención en Twitter con las fotos.

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Singler’s Super Fans

Submit your photos to be in my 'Singler's Super Fan' blog!


Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Real Madrid!


Los Fans de Alicante: España Blog 3

Shout out the the fans of Alicante. Thank you for your support...


Lliga Valenciana Champs: España Blog 2

We are the Lliga Valenciana Champions!


Singler’s Super Fans

Find out how you can be apart of my Super Fan photo collection...


Week 1: España Blog 1

Check out what I have been up to during my first week in Alicante...


Summer Vacation to London: Blog 3

NEW blog! Check out my summer trip to Europe including new pics of my favorite places in London...


Welcome to Blog 2

For all inside content on Kyle, check it out here...


Summer Exclusive: Blog 1

My first blog post! Check it out...

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