The Singler’s Visit: España Blog 4

I played "tour guide" last week when my parents came to town.

What’s up guys-

My parents came over to Spain recently for a visit. It was really good to see them, as it had been a long time since we had been together. This trip was my Dad’s first trip to Europe. My Mom has been to France before. We took lots of good pictures. Here we are touring the city of Madrid. Also, my parents loved our home arena. I really like the feel of this arena. We get great fan support. Our fans are very passionate about our team.

Of course one of the benefits of having Mom around is getting some good old home cooked meals. One of my favorites…Spegetti! Thanks Mom!

My parents and I were lucky enough to see one of Real Madrid’s home soccer games. It’s really an amazing atmosphere at these games. This night – the good guys won! Yep- that Christian Renaldo getting ready for a free kick…

On one of my off days we spent time at a very cool park -Retiro. Here is a picture of me, my Mom and girlfriend, Gaby. We spent the afternoon kicking back.

Thanks Mom and Dad for visiting. It was great having you here in Madrid!

Check out more pictures from their trip and the beautiful city I have called home this year.

Madrid, Spain Photo Gallery

Talk to you later,


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