Singler’s Sport Court

Ever wonder where the NCAA's 2010 Most Outstanding Player perfects his game?

sliderIt is safe to say that Kyle Singler is successful when it comes to the game of basketball and as the cliché goes, practice makes perfect.

So one may wonder where the NCAA’s 2010 Most Outstanding Player perfects his game?

Two words, Sport Court.

Singer explained the Singler Sport Court. A place where he has mastered his craft since the age of 10, sharing many memories with friends and family:

“The Sports Court is a famous thing in our household. A Sports Court has a basketball court, and it has a net with it that you can attach to a pole. We have a light at night that we can turn on [as well].”

“The net turns it into a tennis court and then if you want to raise it you can turn it into a volleyball court. It is a really cool thing. We play a whole bunch of sports on it. Basketball is obviously a sport that we did, but the other popular one was a thing we call Sports Court tennis. It’s just like tennis, but you play with a softer ball. You can hit it hard, and it won’t go a long way because it’s not a regular court.”

Check out the video below of Singler playing on the famous Singler Sport Court during the off-season against his Dad and cousin Griffin.

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